ACS CCPs™ Create Award-Winning Cheese Plates

    Thanks to the expertise of members of the inaugural class of American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals™ (ACS CCPs™), ACS is pleased to share  Award-Winning Cheese Plates just in time for the holidays. Five recently certified cheese experts were each invited to build a cheese plate for the holiday season featuring award-winning cheeses from the 2012 ACS Judging & Competition paired with beers, wines, and other accompaniments.

    Each cheese plate represents the unique perspective of the ACS CCP who designed it and the range of cheeses selected offers something sure to suit anyone’s taste.  Including hard, soft, goat, sheep, cow, flavored, fresh, and aged cheeses, these unique cheese plates showcase the versatility of great American cheeses and the talent of American cheesemakers.

    Download all the details below with tasting notes from the experts and information on why their pairings work so well. Then, enjoy their delicious suggestions with friends and family this holiday season!

    Download 2012 Award-Winning Cheese Plates from…