Tripp Nichols, Formaggio Kitchen

Tripp Nichols grew up in Harvard, MA and crossed the country to attend the University of Montana where he graduated with a degree in Business. Returning to New England after college, Tripp’s passion for food (particularly cheese) and his curiosity to learn more about food production brought him to Formaggio Kitchen. In the five years he has worked at Formaggio Kitchen, Tripp has worn many hats while representing the store at local farmers’ market in Cambridge and teaching classes, both in-house and at Boston University. When not at work, Tripp frequently spends his free time visiting with domestic cheesemakers, sometimes helping to make a few wheels of cheese and always enjoying learning more about the extraordinary artisan cheeses being made in the United States today. On these farm visits, made about every three weeks, Tripp often picks up cheese for the shop. One of his favorite things about working at Formaggio Kitchen is the relationship the store has with domestic producers. Recently, Tripp returned from France where he was traveling in the Pyrenees, visiting farms and tasting with cheesemakers and affineurs. Currently, Tripp is a cheesemonger and classroom instructor at Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge. He is in charge of the domestic cheese program and serves as Domestic Cheese Buyer. In addition to his fondness for domestic cheese, Tripp enjoys cooking, eating, pickling things and reading about food!