Prepare & Ship (Materials)


    ACS will receive Judging & Competition entries on Thursday, July 24 and Friday, July 25, 2014 only.

    If you are planning to enter the Cheese Curds (AH) category, we encourage you to ship your product to be received on Friday, July 25. 

    Click here to print your entry shipping materials


    Entrants will be able to print the following shipping materials online (an email will be sent to notify all entrants that these materials are available, typically at the end of June or beginning of July):

    • Shipping Labels
      These black and white labels indicate that your shipment is for ACS Judging & Competition. You must affix these labels to the outside of your package(s) to clearly identify your shipment.  If you are shipping product for other conference related events, those labels will be sent to you separately.  Please print this document on AVERY 5126 or compatible labels and place on the OUTSIDE of your shipping box.  This document contains two shipping labels. Please affix one label to each box being shipped.  Please make as many copies as necessary to ensure one label is affixed to each box.  You may also print this on standard 8.5 x 11 paper and tape the label securely to the outside of your box(es).
    • Packing Slips 
      IMPORTANT: Your packing slip must include the date of production for EACH entry.
      If you are withdrawing an entry, please note that change on your packing slip.
      Please print this document on standard 8.5 x 11 copy paper and include a copy in EACH BOX being shipped.  Please indicate the number of items being shipped for each entry and be sure to include the date of production.  If you will not be sending a particular entry, please strikethrough the entry name on your packing slip and indicate “Withdrawn” in the space next to that entry.  It is recommended that you make a copy of the packing slip(s) for your own records.
    • Competition Entry Labels
      Please print this document on AVERY 5160 or other compatible label and place one on each piece/container of product being shipped. These labels are the sole identifier for your product during judging. It is important to label each entry according to your packing slip.  If you have multiple entries, please take extra care to make sure each piece has its correct label.  Each entry will have 15 labels in case you are shipping multiple pieces. Please include any leftover labels in your shipment along with your packing slip.