Montse Almena-Aliste

Dr. Montserrat Almena-Aliste (Montse) has over 20 years of experience working with cheesemakers and professionals worldwide to improve the quality of artisan cheeses. Her areas of expertise include multiple aspects involved in the quality of cheese: from milk and cheesemaking technology, to composition of the green cheese, ripening and sensory profile of the finished product. Montse works closely with the American Cheese Society and other Institutions to support high quality cheeses, and her work has contributed to promote the growth and strength of artisanal cheeses in the US. After over 10 years working at UVM, teaching over 150 cheesemaking workshops and sharing her technical expertise with hundreds of cheesemakers, Dr. Montserrat Almena-Aliste is starting her own cheese consulting company providing a broad range of services and technical expertise (from high quality cheesemaking programs and customized training, to sensory services, QC and R&D assistance).