Lisbeth Goddik

Lisbeth Goddik, Ph.D., grew up on a farm in Denmark but immigrated to the US when her parents bought a farm in the Willamette Valley. Professional work experience includes production work at 3 different Danish dairy plants and 3 years at Yoplait’s International Research Center in Paris, France. She also spent one year at ENILBIO in France studying safety systems utilized in raw milk cheese production. In addition she has worked in New Zealand, Canada, and Norway. She received her graduate degrees in food science from Cornell University and Oregon State University. She has worked at OSU since 1999 as OSU’s dairy processing extension specialist and associate professor in food science. Her job responsibilities include teaching, research, and outreach in the field of dairy processing. She is the current holder of the ODI-Bodyfelt Professorship in dairy science and directs the Arbuthnot Dairy Center. Current research projects include impact of terroir on Oregon cheeses and cost of artisan cheese production. She has judged cheese at four ACS competitions (Seattle, Portland, Raleigh, Providence), at the world cheese competition in WIS, and in France.