Laura Jacobs-Welch

    Laura Jacobs-Welch was fortunate to happen upon her career in artisan cheese a bit later in an already established life. After being introduced by a friend to the organizations of The American Dairy Goat Products Association and to the American Cheese Society in 1994, Laura went on to accept a position in 1997 as the Administrator of the ACS.

    Her work with the group became a great resource when she launched her own business, Brick Street Market, a small bistro/café/wine retail store, in her hometown of Delavan WI, in 2008. Working with and meeting cheesemakers from all over the country, and then representing a select number of them at the cheese counter is a one of the tasks she takes the most pleasure in. Running her own small business has kept her in Wisconsin in large part, introducing many visitors to the state looking for renowned cheeses and stories of the talented craftspeople who make them.

    One of the most enjoyable parts of her job is the first cut into any wheel of newly arrived cheese, and the sampling that follows. Another is the opportunity to meet up with other passionate ‘cheeseheads’ for training, or traveling or adventures in artisan cheese. While she has been in on the behind the scenes administration of cheese competitions, this will be her second chance to judge at a national level, and one she is looking forward to on July 25 and July 26 in Des Moines!