Technical Judges


    ACS technical judges play an important role in helping cheesemakers identify defects within their products and are comprised of the following groups:

    1. Instructors and Professors at the University and Agricultural College Levels of Dairy Food Sciences; including: Chemical Engineers, Cultured Dairy Products Engineers, Cheese/Fermented Foods Engineers, Culture and Membrane Technologists for Dairy Foods, Retired Academics from the Dairy Sciences not under contract to any American Cheesemakers, Dairy Industry and Cheese Industry Professionals who are members/employees of Publicly Funded Dairy Science Research Organizations (i.e. CDR, FDA, USDA).
    2. Commercial / Professional Consultants to the Dairy and Cheese Industry NOT involved with Cheesemakers eligible for entry into the ACS Judging & Competition.
    3. Foreign-based Dairy Scientists, Cheesemakers, Academics, and Professional Cheese Judges/Graders NOT actively working with Cheesemakers in the Americas who are eligible for entry in the ACS Judging & Competition.
    4. Members of Retail, Distribution, and Cheese Importing businesses recognized by the ACS  J&C Committee to possess the necessary experience, cheese knowledge, neutrality, and sensory evaluation skills to assess and grade defects in cheese.
    5. Veteran ACS Aesthetic Judges with at least three years (and preferably more) of ACS judging experience meeting the criteria listed in the above #4 Qualification; subject to Committee approval.
    6. Federal, Provincial, and State certified US & Canadian Cheese Graders.
    7. Authors of technical publications/books about cheese defects and cheese making NOT involved with Cheesemakers eligible for entry into the ACS Judging & Competition subject to ACS J&C Committee approval.


    University or College Professionals qualified as Technical Judges teaching a Food Science curriculum producing cheeses for both educational purposes and for commercial sale. Such professionals can only judge categories that do NOT include cheeses types made for commercial sale by their Food Science Department.

    Retired Cheesemakers, former employees of Cheese Dairies not currently employed by another Cheesemaker or Dairy, and former owners and employees of a Dairy which has ceased operations are considered on a case by case basis by the ACS J&C Committee.