ACS Code of Federal Regulation Affirmation


    The American Cheese Society (ACS) values food safety, and we believe that our members craft the most wholesome, delicious, and safe cheeses around.  Given the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) growing scrutiny of food safety, and ACS’s role as an industry leader, we strive to ensure that our members are ahead of the curve on any regulatory changes.  We encourage our members to adhere to the best practices and highest standards of cheesemaking.

    To that end, ACS requires that you mark a box in your online company profile or on your paper entry form stating that your facility complies with the following Code of Federal Regulation Affirmation:

    I affirm that all of our entries adhere to the Standards of Identity as defined by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 part 133.  For products not defined by a Standard of Identity or for products that require the use of pasteurized milk under the CFR Title 21 Part 133, I affirm that our products are made with legally pasteurized milk. If the applicable Standard of Identity allows for the use of unpasteurized milk/dairy ingredients, I affirm that our products have met the minimum time and temperature requirements for curing defined under that standard.