Emiliano Lee, Farmshop

Emiliano Lee is the Specialty Buyer, Forager & Educator for Farmshop in California and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the California Artisan Cheese Guild as Trade Vice President. Founding Farmshop’s retail program in 2011, Emiliano has built a domestic cheese program with a heavy Californian focus, expanding that program throughout the Market, capturing a philosophy of showcasing seasonality through foods crafted by regional artisans. 2014 will see that expansion into the world of ecommerce. Coming from a long line of grocers, Emiliano’s passion dates back to his childhood in Oakland stealing bites of Brie from the wheel in his father’s desk drawer and later spending his allowance at the Creighton’s old 6th Avenue Cheese Shop as a teen in San Francisco. First working with cheese in the late 1990’s in Oakland, Emiliano established himself a decade later in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was able to expand and share his knowledge of cheese and specialty food while learning the challenges of logistics and sourcing. During this time, Emiliano made certain to constantly hone his craft consulting with regional cheesemakers, assisting at local creameries, and briefly immersing himself abroad at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, UK. Emiliano has judged for the American Cheese Society since 2009, is a member of Culture Magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board, and in 2013 helped kick off informal monthly gatherings for cheese professionals and their peers via the Norcal & Socal Cheese Collective facebook groups. Emiliano participated in the inaugural 2010 Cheese Monger Invitational, has been a panelist and moderator at the Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference (2011) & ACS Conference (2011, 2014), and judged the Specialty Food Association SOFI Awards (2013) and Good Food Awards (2014).


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