Dikshi Bawa

    Dikshi is a graduate student at South Dakota State University pursuing her Master of Science in Dairy Science. She will be graduating in summer 2016. Her research focuses on control of sporeformers and spores in milk and milk powders using novel techniques such as ultrasonication and hydrodynamic cavitation. She received her Bachelor of Technology degree in Dairy Technology in 2008. Dikshi has about six years of industrial experience in quality assurance, sensory evaluation, compliance, food safety and R&D. Before joining SDSU, she worked for dairy industry in India where she contributed to various projects to produce high quality products. In 2015, Dikshi participated in the Midwest Regional Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest were she was placed first overall, and was first in Cheddar cheese and Milk, and second in ice cream and cottage cheese judging in the graduate student category. She also participated in the National Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest where she competed in the graduate student category and was placed first in ice cream, second in butter, and third in yogurt and cottage cheese. As the top overall graduate student judge she received the Genevieve Christen Award. She was also one of two recipients of the 2015 Dairy Research and Education Foundation Scholarship Award at SDSU.