Christine Damour, Rutherford and Meyer

Christine Damour grew up in Falls Church, VA where she graduated in 1993 with a B.S. in Business Management/Hotel Restaurant Management from James Madison University. Her love and appreciation for creative authentic cuisine began as a child learning to cook Italian family recipes from scratch alongside her mother. The day after she graduated from college she began working in a Wine and Cheese Gourmet Shoppe in Washington, D.C. For the next eight years she was responsible for developing a thriving specialty cheese business as the Shoppe’s Catering Manager. Her next position in the specialty food industry was at Gourmeco Imports, an importer/distributor in VA. In her first month on the job she won a sales incentive trip to France. While on this trip Christine met her future husband of now 21 years. Relocating to New England, she joined a specialty food broker, which at that time was a unique niche business concept. For the next ten years Christine became an integral part of the development of the specialty cheese business in the United States. Prior to these new concepts and the evolution of cheese kiosks within the major supermarket chains, specialty cheese was only available in smaller independent cheese Shoppe’s as it began historically in most European countries. Christine has traveled over her thirty-two year career in the specialty food industry to France, Denmark, England, and Switzerland touring manufacturing facilities and numerous cheese plants. Having worked over the years with Artesian Cheese makers such as Yancey Fancy Cheese, Gourmet Foods International, and Grafton Village Cheese, her passion and desire to continually educate herself and experience the growth of the specialty cheese industry continues to grow. She is currently the US Business Development Manager for Rutherford and Meyer, a New Zealand producer of all-natural, gluten free fruit based cheese accompaniments.