Angelica Gutierrez, Iowa State University

Angelica Gutierrez is a graduate student at Iowa State University. She received two Bachelor of Science degrees in Consumer Food Science and Culinary Science in 2012, and she is currently completing her Master of Science in Food Science and Technology and will be graduating in summer 2014. The main focus of her research is investigating the effects of lipid oxidation initiators and the role of antioxidants on the development of oxidized flavor in fluid milk. In 2013 she participated in the Midwest Regional Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest were she placed 1st in butter, 2nd in milk, and 3rd in yogurt judging in the graduate student category. Following the regional competition, she participated in the National Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest where she also competed in the graduate student category and placed 1st in cottage cheese, milk and yogurt, 2nd in cheddar cheese, and 3rd in butter and ice cream judging, earning her the Genevieve Christen Graduate Student All Products Award. Angelica was one of two recipients of the 2013 John Brand Scholarship offered by Land O’Lakes. While serving as the Iowa Section Institute of Food Technologists Graduate Student Representative for the 2013 term, she was also awarded the organization’s Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship. She has participated in many dairy related research projects and activities and is an avid member of the Food Science Club, Dairy Products Evaluation Club and Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences organization.


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