I was unable to access the online entry system using my ACS member login. Why didn’t this work?

    • Profiles on the ACS online entry system differ from your year-round ACS member profile. You will not be able to access the online entry system with your ACS member login. Instead, you will need to create a new profile with your email address and password before entering the Judging & Competition.

    I lost my password for the online entry system. How do I retrieve it?

    • ACS does not store passwords. If you have lost your password, visit the “Forgot Password” tab on the Home page, or contact ACS.

    After I pay for my entry, can I log back into the online system to edit it?

    • Entries in the online system can only be edited prior to the payment step. After you have paid for your entry online, you will not be able to revisit it. If you need to edit an entry after completing the payment step, please contact the ACS office at htucker@cheesesociety.org or (720) 328-2788 with the edits you’d like to make.

    I completed and paid for my entry, but did not receive a payment receipt.

    • Contact the ACS office at htucker@cheesesociety.org or (720) 328-2788 and we will re-send your confirmation email. You may need to add “htucker@cheesesociety.org” to the list of approved senders with your email client.

    How are entries judged?

    • Judges work in teams of two: one Technical and one Aesthetic. Technical Judges deduct points for flaws and defects from a perfect score of 50; Aesthetic Judges award points for outstanding characteristics and qualities to a maximum of 50.  ACS Judges are food professionals, selected from the academic, dairy industry, dairy science, cultures manufacturing, food retailing, food distributing, and food press communities, as well as the ACS membership.

    How are entries awarded?

    • Minimum scores are required to earn awards and each entry is evaluated on its own merit. Cheeses do not compete “against” each other for awards within categories and subcategories.  However, assuming minimum scores are met, the three highest scores in each subcategory will place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
    • Standards of excellence apply to all entries.  It is possible that awards are not earned within a category if no entry achieves a minimum number of points.  Ties are allowed only for 2nd and 3rd Place finishers. No ties will be allowed for 1st Place. (We allow half-point scoring to help reduce the number of ties.)
    • Please note an entry may receive 97 points, yet may not receive an award if other cheeses received higher scores. Only the top three scores will receive an award within each subcategory provided all minimum scores for each level are met.

    When will I receive my award and/or scores?

    • Winners of the ACS Judging & Competition will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Friday during the ACS Annual Conference and will be displayed at the Brunch of Champions or the Festival of Cheese on Saturday. Winners present at the Awards Ceremony will be presented a medal. Shortly after the conference, you will receive a copy of the score sheet(s) for each of your entries, including the judges’ comments, overall scores, and the number of entries per category.  Winners will also receive an official Awards Certificate and ribbon for each winning entry.

    Will my entries be displayed at the Festival of Cheese or Brunch of Champions?

    • ACS will feature products entered in the Fresh Unripened, Cultured Milk Products, and Butter categories (categories A, Q, and R) at our Brunch of Champions.  All other products that were judged in the Competition will be featured at the Festival of Cheese.  The Festival also offers producers of complementary food and drink the opportunity to present their products to hundreds of cheese lovers. Wineries, breweries, bakeries, and charcutiers will offer their wares to all the food professionals and non-professional enthusiasts who will be attending this year’s Festival.
    • For additional information on the Festival and other conference related programming, please visit the Conference page on the ACS website.